Hypermobility with Dawn Lister, Daniel Groom and special guest Jess Glenny

In this week’s From The Heart episode, we speak to Jess Glenny, a movement teacher, facilitator, therapist, and writer.

In our conversation with Jess we talk about hypermobility, what it is and how we can support ourselves or others with this common condition. Jess has written an amazing book for Yoga Teachers covering this subject.

Jess believes moving body practices are ways of putting all of ourselves into motion. Through moving and witnessing, we create opportunities for what our body knows (but our mind may not yet be conscious of) to surface into awareness. By being present with ourselves in this fluid way, we are able to become gradually more aligned with our experience in each moment, and so live with increasing spontaneity, fullness and meaning. These practices are an invitation into the unexplored spaces of ourselves, a practical tool for living, a mystical path.

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Learn more about Jess and her inspiring journey at embodyyogadance.co.uk/about-jess

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