In this episode of our podcast join us in conversation with Diana Herve, a Registered Nutritional Therapist (BSc(Hons), DTLLS, Dip.NCFED, Cert.EFT, mBANT), where we discuss eating to support your health, eating disorders, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Diana’s passion for taking advantage of what’s on your doorstep.

Diana qualified as a Registered Nutritional Therapist 19 years ago, a career path she took after being a professional cook & caterer, for 22 years, and in that time she set up and ran a cookery school from home, whilst her 3 children were very young. She found it manic and incredibly stressful, trying to juggle a family and working long hours. And just like she sees in so many of my clients nowadays, the chronic stress eventually undermined her own health.

She ate herself back to wellness, following the recommendations of a very forward-thinking doctor and became fascinated by how practicing functional medicine and nutritional rehabilitation was so effective in rebalancing the body’s various Systems, to bring about good health and wellbeing.

Diana now runs a private nutritional therapy practice (Diana Hervé Nutrition), addressing various health issues (gut/digestive, weight management, hormone imbalance/autoimmune, cholesterol, Eating Disorders/emotional eating). She holds a Diploma – Practitioner in Eating Disorders from the National Centre for Eating Disorders, (Accr. British Psychological Soc.), and a Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She works with people of all ages to help them overcome their emotional issues with food, body image and weight.

During her career, Diana has been a lecturer in nutrition, health, psychology of health & health research in further education, (qualifying as a teacher in 2008), lecturing at SEEVIC & University of West London, where she is currently an Assessor in Clinical Nutrition. Diana also spent 3 years coaching/mentoring on an NHS programme for obesity and pre-diabetes.

She finds it a privilege to share her knowledge and experience with her clients, whatever their health concerns, to help them to achieve their health goals. She always tries to practice what she preaches. A very brisk walk along the beach every morning sets her up for the day and makes her feel very positive. She loves yoga for relaxation and meditation too. Diana has always swum in the sea and this year has joined lots of other crazy but brilliant people, wild water swimming through the winter! Studies show it boosts the immune system and is great for mental health. As you can imagine, she loves food, cooking and cooking for family and friends, and believes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves, and others, is nourish ourselves well!

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