Dawn Lister

Founder, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness
CPCAB Level 4
CST 11 Cranial Sacral Therapy Upledger
Level 4 VTCT Massage Therapy
Level 2 Myofascial Massage
Pregnancy Yoga with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

Dawn Lister is a complimentary health practitioner who believes that one cannot experience true wellness until we learn to love and nurture both the mind and body. Her rich experience as a yoga and pilates teacher, cranial sacral and therapeutic massage therapist, hypnotherapist and mindfulness teacher informs her work with all clients, whether in a one to one session or in a class, workshop or retreat.

All sessions are considered to be an invitation to come home to your innate sense of wholeness, health and peace.

Dawn’s yoga journey began in 1998 in Edinburgh, she continued her learning and studies in London under various teachers and schools, and is a constant learner, always adding to her knowledge and training by working with many different traditions and schools of learning.

After a significant and debilitating back injury after the birth of her third child Dawn discovered pilates and went on to train as a functional pilates teacher, her pilates classes are a fun blend of strength, balance, mobility and humour.

Having practised meditation for over 30 years, she specialises in offering a mindfulness practise. Dawn has studied with both the Kadampa and Mahayana Schools of Buddhism, taken further training with the esteemed Mindfulness UK, and now offers secular compassion based mindfulness classes, workshops and retreats, 1-1’s as well as offering mindfulness practises as a consultant within businesses.

She has run retreats in the UK and abroad for 27 years and is an eternal student who believes in the value of surrender and compassion as a way to heal and build community.

Besides being a mother, grandmother, wife and friend, Dawn is a partner of The Dawn Lister Therapy Centre, owner of Anahata yoga and wellbeing centre, host of From The Heart, a successful podcast found on all podcast platforms and is based in Leigh-on-Sea, where she sees clients for massage, cranial sacral therapy, mentoring and hypnotherapy.

Angela Hart

Sound Therapist
I love sound, even when I was younger, I understood the power music had and how it could uplift my spirits.

After qualifying Reiki drumming over 15 years ago, I gained a deeper understanding of healing through instruments. I wanted to learn more so I did various sound courses. Then in 2019 I did a year’s course and qualified as a sound therapist with Otto Haddad.

When you realise that everything is in a state of vibration it’s easy to understand how sound really works on your body, mind and spirit.

Personally, it’s given me the tools to slow down my overactive mind and tune inwards so I can make better life choices.

Liz and Doug Horn

Gong Bath
Liz and Doug have taught and offered gong and sound baths for decades.

They are highly respected and experienced as experts in their field.

Their gong baths always begin with a short meditation to set the tone and incorporate various instruments into their gong baths. Each of the Gongs are chosen for its vibration in relation to a specific Chakra or energy centre.

Liz has practiced Kundalini asana’s and mudras for many years alongside her playing the Gong. She also attended the esteemed Mehtab course in London which she considers to be a great honour.

Liz and Doug were part of Guinness gong world record and Grand Gong Bath “Gonging for Humanity” at Olympia, London.

They have attended several courses with incredible Don Conreaux, Grand Master of Gong and Aidan McIntyre the Maestro of the Gong.

No two gong baths are the same, Liz and Doug offer a theme around each meditation aligning with the moon or earth in some way to harness the power of its energies to best effect.


“I warmly recommend the teachers at Anahata Yoga Centre! Warm, knowledgeable and dedicated to promoting yoga!”

Stephan Cunnington, via Facebook