Prior to our launch in October, Anahata Yoga Centre raised money for a number of community projects.

We have been working with local GPs, organisations and charities surrounding mental health and physical recovery, providing free sessions to those in need.

We’ve also recently announced our ‘Teens for £5’ initiative, whereby you can bring your high school aged children/relatives (11-17 year olds) to join a timetabled class with you for just a small £5 cash contribution. We face so many pressures in our teenage years. Pressures from society, family, school and ourselves, and therefore we hope this initiative will provide support to this age group in our local area. This donation allow us to continue with our ongoing community projects as mentioned above.

teenagers in a valley, laughing

Our fundraising during the past 6 months has also enabled us to begin offering FREE spaces within a number of our timetabled classes for those in need. These spaces are available for anyone in our local community to experience Yoga, Pilates, and Mindful Meditation and will work with respectful, mindful, compassion led practices for people looking for support with their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing…We hope this opportunity can benefit those who need support with their physical or emotional wellbeing and who have/are perhaps experiencing times of stress, anxiety, grief, vulnerability, recovery, rehabilitation and mental health issues.

Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom, Anahata’s founders, have witnessed first-hand the amazing transformative power of a mindful, compassion led yogic practise. It is possible not just to survive, you can in fact thrive despite experiencing the many challenges that modern life delivers.

Classes on offer:

Here is the list of timetabled classes that we are offering free spaces in. There is a limit of two free spaces per class which must be requested and confirmed in advance by emailing

  • Tuesday 10.45 Restorative Yoga
  • Wednesday 09.30 Yoga Basics
  • Thursday 09.30 Pilates
  • Thursday 10.45 Hatha Yoga

At Anahata Yoga Centre we strongly believe we thrive when we respect and care for each other. If you would like to speak to us about any of the initiatives and opportunities mentioned, please email

We would also very much appreciate the sharing of our community projects with schools, local businesses and organisations who you feel may appreciate and benefit from the work we are doing at Anahata.

We would like to thank all of our donators so far who have contributed towards our community projects.


Dawn and Daniel x

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