Things to consider on the consumer driven day known as “Black Friday”.

Our wellbeing is impacted by more than just how feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. The wisdom of the sages still applies today in our modern world. Yoga offers us principles to live by that are known to enhance our quality of life and the life of everyone around us.

We invite you to practise some of the Yamas and Niyama’s this week instead of hitting the net and burning up your credit card.

  • Ahimsa or Non-injury/harming. 
  • Satya or Truthfulness.
  • Daya or Compassion.

Ask yourself, how does the overt consumerism of Black Friday fit in with the ethos of Ahimsa / non-injury...?

Who is injured by feeding the monster of mass consumerism?

You are – by losing the benefit that comes from practising compassion.

Being led by greed and a constant need for the next thing, the newest range, the coolest leggings, boots, trainers, bags will create within us great suffering.

Studies show that marketing is designed to make you feel that you NEED more, NEED the latest thing, that with consumption your will be happier, more popular, more lovable.

You get a dopamine hit from shopping; this has been shown to be addictive.

Workers are – many are living and working in appalling conditions that we are participating in when we buy into fast fashion.

We are inadvertently injuring them by stealing of their time, health and joy.

The environment is – it suffers as a result of the by-products of fast fashion. Toxins polluting our rivers and oceans. Clothes flown across the world season after season pollute the air and heat up our planet adding to the problems of climate change. Pesticides sprayed on cotton crops to make them more resilient have caused death, and illness to the workers, families and people in surrounding environment.

Fast fashion often ends up in landfill, taking 200 years and up to biodegrade, often sent to developing countries where we don’t have to look at the damage that causes.

We all know this but why so we choose to ignore Saya (our truth). 

What can you do instead?

Practise kindness – research before you buy. How are the workers treated. Where does this material come from is it sustainable? How long will this last, is it a good investment.

Ask yourself – AND BE HONEST!  Why do I need it? Can I find it second hand? Could I repair what I have? Can I find a locally sourced alternative? Can I buy less but perhaps pay a little more, knowing it will last and my personal footprint be less harmful.

Show Compassion to yourself – by taking a breath and really considering what your needs are. Noticing if you have been caught up in the consumption cycle. How that has had a negative impact on your mental and perhaps financial health. To others by considering the real time out come of your spending choices.

CONSIDER – for things to change for people to have better working conditions, better standard of living, sustainable products made in a way that neither harms them nor our planet.

By saying no with your purse, you can be part of the change that must come.
At Anahata we commit to year round making better choices around our consumption personally and as a business.

Tell us how you have become part of the solutions.

Share this post.

Share the documentary (below).

Share sustainable shops and business online and with friends and of course shop there.

Refuse to be part of Black Friday instead, don’t shop all day, instead, practise kindness, donate to charity, help out a soup kitchen, be kind to a neighbour. Get a dopamine hit for something that has a lasting and meaningful effect on your community.