We are now offering classes for just £5 as part of our community projects…

We face so many pressures in our teenage years. Pressures from society, family, school and ourselves.

After a successful trial period, we are thrilled to announce that on an ongoing basis, you can bring your high school aged children/relatives (11-19 year olds) to join a timetabled class with you for just a small £5 cash contribution. This donation pays towards our ongoing community projects, working with local GPs, organisations and charities surrounding mental health and physical recovery, providing free sessions to those in need.

It is rarely acknowledged that during this time of life our bodies change incredibly fast, our likes/dislikes change and we suddenly find ourselves looking for our place in the world. The mind and the body begin to work against each other and it’s no wonder teenagers find themselves feeling frustrated.

Practising yoga is a great way to move the body and still the mind. Yoga gives you mental and physical strength and flexibility, tools which are proven to aid us throughout life and to cope with challenges along the way.

During times of change, exams and studies, hormone interferences and everyday life, yoga is a lifelong tool that every young adult can benefit from.

Booking is advised, please email anahata.leighonsea@gmail.com. Please note that all 11-19 year olds attending must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. 

Please share this offer with your friends, groups and school circles so we can spread this out to those who could benefit from it.