An Introduction to Sound Medicine with Maria Nayler (Postponed due to lockdown restrictions)

New date to be announced soon.

We are delighted to welcome Maria Nayler, world renowned singer/songwriter, voice coach and sound therapist to host a very special event unique to Essex. Note: if we are unable to offer this in person then we will arrange an alternate date or offer a full refund. Please note there are limited spaces due to Covid restrictions so consider booking early! No online version is being offered.

portrait of Maria Nayler outside

What happens in Sound Medicine Workshop?

This brand new workshop is unlike any other sound therapy event you may have previously enjoyed. Maria seamlessly blends her vast toolkit of sound medicine, drawn from decades of working with the voice as a tool for healing, sound therapy and her time spent studying in the rainforests of Peru with medicine men and women who use sound as a proven tool for healing. Additionally, Maria studied at the British Academy of Sound Therapy at Chichester University, qualifying for her Higher Practitioners Diploma. 

Learn more about sound medicine in The Physics and Biophysics of Sound “Healing”.

Maria Nayler selfie with Peruvian community

You will take away a skillset to heal, support and balance your own personal vibration.
Utilising mantra, percussion, singing bowls, tuning forks, and the voice in a therapeutic way Maria creates an enriching and healing environment, which allow our own body to do what it does best: heal itself.

We Are All Unique

Did you know we all have a signature sound, unique to us all? Maria teaches us how to find this sound, and use our own voices to soften and heal physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Sound Therapy Works Holistically

Physically, spiritually and emotionally. We are all made up of energy, vibrations. Using sound vibration we can unblock stuck energy, build energy, improve energetic flow, health, mood.

Similarly, sound therapy can be grounding, helping to process and release mental and physical trauma.

Sound Was Our First Sense

With hearing being the first sense we connect with in the womb, hearing our mother’s heartbeat, voice and internal vibrations. Sound can heal and balance us. Voice is the essence of us.

people undergoing sound medicine

Struggle To Feel Heard?

This workshop will also benefit those who lack confidence in public or face-to-face speaking. Your voice is your way to be heard and seen in the world. Using sound we can create a stronger sense of self, and clear any blocks and stuck energy that gets in the way of you being truly heard.

Limited places available, book now for An Introduction to Sound Medicine with Maria Nayler, Friday 18th October, 8pm-9:30pm at Anahata. Price £45.