Join us on social media, from 12th December for 12 days of Kindness.

A time to be kind.

To think of others.

To consider the ripple effect of our actions.

To practise charity.

To consider our community.

After all what is Christmas about if not kindness, if not love, if not community?

Stay local and support the community you live within.

Shop local.

Don’t put yourself under pressure – it is one day.

Find a reason to smile and make others smile and feel love and loved.

Be the change in the community you wish to see, don’t wait for it to come to you.

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Spread the word, share this post and share compassion and kindness….


Day One: On the first day of Christmas…

Call someone you have not spoken to for a while – a relative, friend, someone you know is lonely and ask them “How are you today?” 


Day Two: On the second day of Christmas…

Plan 2 mindful activities: 

  • a cup of tea/coffee
  • a body scan
  • listen to a mindful poem/podcast
  • take a mindful walk


Day Three: On the third day of Christmas…

Give 3 things to your local food bank.


Day Four: On the fourth day of Christmas…

Get away from your Car or Public Transport: 

  • Walk to 4 different places 
  • walk four miles
  • four times round a block 
  • take 4 steps 
  • Send us a photo of your walk! 


Day Five: On the fifth day of Christmas…

Donate 5 items to your local charity shop or collection 


Day Six: On the sixth day of Christmas…

Switch off your social media for 6 hours and see what happens…


Day Seven: On the seventh day of Christmas…

Write down 7 things you feel grateful for

Why do we practise gratitude? Science has shown that practising gratitude improves your general well-being, creates increased resilience, strengthen’s social relationships, and reduces stress and depression. The more grateful people are, the greater their overall well-being and life satisfaction. … Grateful people also have a greater capacity for joy and positive emotions.

Seems like a win win to us!

Recommendation: The Resilience Project. A book about gratitude practise available on audible


Day Eight: On the eighth day of Christmas…

Dance and sing for 8 minutes to a piece of music you love!

Dancing and music releases oxytocin feel good hormones!


Day Nine: On the ninth day of Christmas…

List 9 things about yourself you are proud of and love.  If you struggle with this, think about 9 things you wish to achieve in the coming year.  

Make these reasonable and accessible goals. 


Day Ten: On the tenth day of Christmas…

Pick up 10 pieces of rubbish from your local park, beach, street or front garden and dispose of in the proper way.

Send us a photo in the stream of what you collected or tag us on social media!


Day Eleven: On the eleventh day of Christmas…

Give a compliment to 11 people – this makes you feel good and it may make their day.  It can be a little thing such as telling your family member how well they did a certain activity, or that you love someone’s shoes, or that you find them really funny and uplifting.


Day Twelve: On the twelfth day of Christmas…

Practice loving kindness meditation thinking of 12 people who you wish to send your loving kindness to. 

Enjoy a Loving Kindness Meditation by Dawn Lister over on our YouTube channel:



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“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.”

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